[WEBINAR] Art Lasts, Markets Pass: Can NFT’s Make Art an Asset Class?

Do NFT’s hold great potential for the art market or is the jury still out?

Theoretically it offers transparency and security of authentication for crypto-collectibles. The purpose of the technology prevents duplication and theft, yet there’s nothing inherent – no gatekeeper, to verify what’s uploaded and here lies one fundamental flaw. It certainly attracts new entrants both talent and consumer. The fact an NFT enables digital art to be bought, sold and traded, because it validates provenance is a game changer and why the art market is finding ways to adopt it. The value is in the smart contract – the owner can sell and the viewer cannot. And this is why established and emerging artists are now entering the NFT marketplace because they can profit from crypto-art more easily than ever before. The Christie’s sale was momentous because for the first time traditional and digital artists can co-exist in the art market. How about the collectors, do they rush into NFT’s or do they stay away? Speculative buyers flock to crypto art while blue-chip collectors hold back, fearing legal gray areas and copyright issues.

Replay the panel discussion with:
Karolina Blasiak, Rosemont Art Advisor,
Harco Van Den OEVER, CEO and Founder of OVERSTONE, award-winning & FCA-regulated fintech performing cutting edge research and one stop financial planning for art, combining risk scores and flexible end-to-end solutions to help clients navigate, minimise and manage the associated risks for this growing alternative asset class, and
Marek ZABICKI, CTO and Co Founder of ARTEIA, solutions for the art market, first Digital Catalogue Raisonné anchored on the blockchain, startup whose ultimate goal is to build blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer art exchange platform for art collectors and art professionals around the world.

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