#betd2020 Documentary: How can Blockchain digitalize the energy sector?

The energy sector is at a crossroad, taking us from a centralized, fossil and non-transparent energy system to a decentralized, renewable and transparent one. What digital technologies exist and how can they be utilized to enable a decarbonized and fairer energy system for all?

Blockchain, virtual power plants, and virtual market places are just a few examples of innovative technologies that can enable the transition to a digitalized, decentralized, and democratized future energy system.
Although the successful adoption of blockchain technology has been uncertain due to the required additional energy demand, modern approaches and concepts of proof have considerable potential to provide the inherent benefits of blockchain technology, while also ensuring sustainable energy use.

Young entrepreneurs from Lition Energie and Grid Singularity share with us their blockchain solutions and visions of how they want to help shape the future energy system.

Dr. Richard Lohwasser – CEO & Co-Founder – Lition Energie
Dr. Kyung-Hun Ha – COO & Co-Founder – Lition Energie
Dr Ana Trbovich – Co-Founder – Grid Singularity & Energy Web Foundation
Ewald Hesse – Co-Founder – Grid Singularity & Energy Web Foundation
Frank Jakob – Solar Energy Producer


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