The Future of the Metaverse in Decentralized and Web 3.0 Ecosystems

Henri Arslanian and Sébastien Borget (co-founder, The Sandbox) share an in-depth discussion on the exciting opportunities within the metaverse . The pair also discuss how The Sandbox is more than just a game but rather a platform where users can buy virtual land or provide services in the metaverse and deliver value to the community leveraging blockchain and NFTs. The pair also discuss why artists from The Walking Dead and Snoop Dogg to Atari and sports brands are setting-up a presence in the metaverse. This episode is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the Metaverse, NFTs, and the future of such platforms in a decentralized and Web 3.0 economy.



0:00 – Introduction and background of Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox.

5:15 – Sebastien describes how The Sandbox is no longer just a game and gives the audience a practical example of how the platform operates.

9:29 – Sebastien discusses The Sandbox’s approach to designing a metaverse and elaborates on their preference towards ERC-1155 versus ERC-721.

13:58 – Sebastien does a deep dive on LAND, and all the different opportunities LAND owners have within the digital ecosystem.

25:30 – Sebastien and Henri shift gears into the long-waited discussion on the metaverse, innovations within the space, and more.

37:22 – Henri and Sebastien end the show with a round of rapid-fire questions.

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