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Omnia Asset Token (OAT) is the native currency that will be used in the Omnia Decentralized real estate Ecosystem. This token is based on Blockchain Technology and is distributed on the Ethereum public network with compatibility with various other networks such as the Polygon Network so as to ensure a smooth Cross-Chain process. Tokenization of various assets that exist in the ecosystem and allows anyone to use them to buy shares in a real estate that exists in the ecosystem, Ensures a fair process flow because it can be verified on the Public Network, Provides a decentralized and innovative Global Real Estate system for everyone . Their team also implemented DeFi so it also provides Staking and Passive Income options at the same time.

This token is designed with healthy Tokenomics with Long term Planning so as to ensure the value will be maintained and increased over time.

The Omnia Ecosystem is a new innovation in both Blockchain and Real Estate markets, They enable a Sophisticated Platform that allows the exchange of tokenized shares of Real Estate Assets via Cryptocurrency, Enables a Wider Audience with a larger and global potential for investors. Investors also benefit from a fair distribution system from the shares they have and guaranteed regulations, Token Holders also get various benefits such as Static Passive income with a high Growth Rate, Broadly speaking Omnia offers potential Long Term Planning and I hope you guys be a part of this project!

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